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One Off Special Projects

One off project are project that simply must get done.  They are not considered normal to the business nor are they anticipated to be needed more than once. These projects pose a great threat to an organization because they may be very disruptive.  As benign as the project may seem, people will be impacted and therefore normal activity will be infringed upon which may alter the normal workflows.

Project Consultants and Service Providers

Many times an organization will contract services to a service provider or a consultant to accomplish the one off project. Sometimes the information needed to execute the project is internal and therefore the technical side of the project is internal. So what do you do if there are no service providers who do what you need to accomplish, your internal people are not project focused with the whole of the organization in mind? Consider contracting the project management aspects of the tasks to a firm like ours and let your internal employees execute the technical components.

This isn’t as farfetched as it may seem.  Many times a project management consulting firm can work with management to see the entire project’s implications while your employees can do what they do best.  Part of the service may need to include training other employees about the project and how they are impacted as well as controlling the rollout to minimize negative effects.

  • Date June 29, 2015
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