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Field Operable SIP Panel Press

With the increasing momentum toward producing green everything, buildings offer a great opportunity to reduce energy consumption.  It is estimated that building consume 40-60 percent of all energy produced.  Many advances in constructing highly insulated structures have taken place over the last several decades. Many improvements have come from the expanding use of SIP Panels. The problem is SIP panels are produced in factories and any energy savings realized from a building energy efficiency gained by using them is offset by the fuel it takes to deliver them.  In addition it just is not practical to ship sip panels overseas.

To counter this problem a field operable sip panel production system was developed to make sip panels on the construction site. Changing the location where sip panels are made significantly reduces the cost of shipping, speeds up construction, and yields highly insulated, low energy consuming structures.

Projects Overview

Company:  IADDIC Shelters, LLC

Project Outcome: portable SIP Panel manufacturing system

Time to develop: 2 months

Patent No:

Organization structure:  startup

Project Type: New product development

Number of Projects Managed: 1

Largest single project team: 4

Organizational authority of project manager:  engineering, materials, and manufacturing


  • Date June 21, 2015
  • Tags Product Development

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