Clarity of Vision

There is no substitute for clarity of vision.  The mind can become cluttered with “what if” scenarios, desires to please, placating, and capitulations, poor data, bad data, and bad ideas.  If you or your team have lost clarity or are struggling to see clearly, now is the time to call us.

Contract Services

Contract Services

Have a dedicated project that needs special attention.  Look no further, Contract with us today.

Consulting services

Consulting services

Need help with your project, your project team, or your Project Management Office.  We’ll help you achieve outstanding project success.

Ongoing Support and Training

Ongoing Support and Training

One on one premium support and ongoing coaching for you or your project team.



Skills, processes, procedures, and rules can each be taught but poor project management can cripple your organization, cause strife, create confusion, disrupt daily activity and become downright miserable.  Talented teams make the difference.

Projects are projects

Some may disagree, however; no matter the size and scope of the project, whether moving across the street or across town, developing new products, building businesses in third world countries, presenting to congress, or the UN, ALL projects are just projects and can be exciting and rewarding to create and execute…if you know how.

Trusted Expert Support

You decide when you’re finished, in the meantime we’re here when you need, and for as long as you need us; even if it means talking at 3am to meet an important deadline.  If your project team needs help, don’t leave them stranded.  It’s your bottom line that suffers.


Projects really can be exciting and easy if you know what needs to be done.  If you’re engaged in any kind of project and need help we’re here to smooth the bumps, identify the obstacles, and help you orchestrate success.


Something Old, Something New

Don’t be fooled by hype and suggestions that project management is new. Projects have existed since man began organizing hunts, preparing for war, building communities, and making things.

Don’t fall into the trap that suggests there is nothing new to learn about project management.  New tools and better insights into the minds of the managers and business leaders who depend on them to succeed are continually evolving.  Be certain to understand how these developments affect your business.

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Are you looking for better project performance?

Small businesses and large corporations, governments, and individuals all execute projects.  So what makes some projects successful and others, at the least, not so successful?  The simple answer is that the successful projects are led and managed by individuals who know what the outcomes of a project are to be, and have the ability to organize and align the pieces from start to finish.


I’m here to help you improve your project performance from start to finish. Whether a one off project or implementing a Program Management Office you can capitalize on effective project planning and executing.


I value people over all other aspects of project execution. Engaged and respected project teams always outperform projects simply following a business process.


To guide you and your team to build and execute outstanding projects by understanding the unique role project team members have, the tools available, and the unique value a Program Office brings to any organization.

Project Types


From the construction of shelters and structures in developing countries to the integration of automated material handling systems in industrial complexes, Project Management offers a suite of tools to ensure the outcomes are positive, profitable, and repeatable.

Automation Systems

Automation is a great equalizer when competing against low labor and material costs in developing countries or against competitors pushing the boundaries in their industry.  Improving quality, lowering costs, increasing repeatability comes from successfully implementing your automation systems.

Product Development

Competition enhances innovation and innovation improves products by becoming less expensive, of higher quality, and desired or preferred by customers.  Instituting product development programs and projects ensures your products will evolve and remain relevant.

Creative projects

Being creative and developing creative content is the hallmark of today’s internet.  Everything from website implementations to trade show exhibits, creative content must be attractive.  The challenge then is to be certain that the creative content investment drives or contributes to revenue.

Enterprise Systems

Even the smallest of business are more complex today than in years past.  The need to be as agile as possible while being able to measure everything is paramount to success.  ERP or Enterprise systems were once believed necessary only for large companies.  This is no longer the case and just about every type and size of business can benefit from ERP systems.

One Off Projects

Sometime, something important needs to get done; a new website created and delivered, a company relocation, the creation of a catalog, the identification and remedy of a product defect, all benefit when a project is implemented and executed to see it through to completion.  Too often these things are attempted without determining how it should all fit together or what it will cost.  Thus, projects can help control just about any endevour.

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